In between the slowly accumulating layers of history
We have built a small private villa.

A beautiful mountain range reaching up into the sky
Waves of rice fields lapping the landscape
Grass and flowers spreading their roots into the soil.

Take a deep breath amid nature filled with life
Relax and unwind.


Breathe in life.

Satoyama cherished by the mountains and villagers
Inherits unparalleled time, space, and
Nature’s bounty from antiquity.
Nostalgic for the simple pleasures of life
Listen to the wise voice within
And start a journey to reconnect with yourself.

Fascinated by Terunobu Fujimori’s architecture,
we have traveled many towns and cities.
When we participated in the construction of
his Tea House in 2010,
we were drawn to Mr. Fujimori’s personality
which reflects his architecture.
We asked Mr. Fujimori to design Kodomari Fuji
and are delighted that he accepted.
With his help and that of many others,
construction of Kodomari Fuji began
in the thirteenth year of the project.
In 2023, Kodomari Fuji opened in the ideal setting.


Terunobu Fujimori

Architect and architectural historian. Born in Chino City, Nagano Prefecture. The main theme of his architecture is “harmony with nature.” The buildings he designs based on his knowledge as an architectural historian have been described as “nostalgic,” even though they do not mimic the style of any buildings of any period in any country. His incorporation of plants into his buildings and his unique use of materials and sensibility are highly acclaimed around the world.
Favorite food: Sweet roasted chestnuts

Involving our guests:
attaching a piece of charcoal to the ceiling

We are not rushing to complete the building.
Rather, we would like to watch how the building gradually
blends into the surrounding landscape.
To commemorate each guest’s experience of
staying at Kodomari Fuji,
we ask you to help finish the interior design.

“Architecture is interesting
ecause there is work for everyone to take a part in.”
Terunobu Fujimori

One piece of charcoal per person (if desired)
To continue until the end of August 2024.