Breathe in life.

Nestled on a small hill overlooking the Southern Alps,
Yatsugatake Mountains, and Mount Fuji,
Stands Kodomari Fuji.

The building stretches out like a ship
Anchored in a harbor surrounded by a sea of rice fields.
Kodomari translates as “small harbor.”

A small private villa for one group only,
Which we have named Kodomari Fuji.

Please take a deep breath
And recharge your soul during your stay.

Later, recall the scenery of Kodomari Fuji
As a harbor you stopped at along your journey.






Kodomari Fuji is located on the border of
Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures.
We are close to the town center of Fujimi
and the resort area of Kobuchizawa.
It is the ideal place to enjoy
both nature and sightseeing spots.

Fujimi town center (supermarket, etc.):
15 minutes by car
Tsutaki-jyuku (roadside station and hot spring):
8 minutes by car
Kobuchizawa Roadside Station (hot spring, farmers’ market):
8 minutes by car

By car

8 minutes by car from Kobuchizawa IC
Nearby gas station: 8 minutes by car

By train

10 minutes by taxi from Kobuchizawa Station

This is a small private villa limited to one group per day. To ensure that our guests can relax in privacy, no tours are given for non-staying visitors. We will provide you with the address of Kodomari Fuji when you make a reservation.